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Entirely Pląsible at Cafe Pląs
Uncover Serenity Amidst Artistic Splendor in Mokotów’s Hidden Oasis Location, Location, Location Set in deepest Mokotów, find Cafe Pląs in Królikarnia, a park and palace complex whose footprint includes beautiful gardens scattered with often surreal works by eminent sculptors such as Xawery Dunikowski, Maria Papa Rostkowska or Alina Ślesińska.... Read more
Nothing Lasts Forever
An exhibition at Królikarnia examines the ignominious fate suffered by a growing number of monuments scattered about Central Eastern Europe. Ongoing through to April 10th, Królikarnia’s Monument exhibition explores the ‘functions, histories and processes to which monuments are subject’, presenting the biographies of over twenty such objects from Central... Read more