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Urban Jewel: Walk at Boernerowo
Tucked in the north-west of Warsaw, the quaint, wooded Boernerowo estate is one of Warsaw’s best-kept little secrets… You sure can trust Warsaw to keep a secret under wraps – after all, how else could you explain Boernerowo. Despite being one of the capital’s most scenic idylls, it’s unlikely... Read more
Neighborhood Watch: Mariensztat
Originally established by an 18th century nobleman who named it after his wife, Maria, it didn’t take long for the Mariensztat district to veer from its intended genteel look. By the outbreak of WWII the area had become an unnavigable confusion of tangled streets and tumbledown tenements: pimps, prostitutes... Read more
Reflections on a Broken Mirów
Taken at face value, lower Mirów looks discordant and despondent; but search around and you’ll find a complex district in the process of healing itself… By Alex Webber | Photographs by Kevin Demaria Blocked and bounded by major traffic arteries – Prosta, Jana Pawła, Jerozolimskie and Okopowa – Mirów’s... Read more