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WI: First off, why Andersa!? Liwnik: It’s hard to say but for sure it’s one of my favorite places in Warsaw – additionally, my... Building Blocks

Famed across the domestic LEGO community, we speak to Liwnik and Pablo Brickasso, two enthusiasts that have reimagined Muranów’s ul. Andersa in striking miniature form.

Building Blocks Building Blocks

WI: First off, why Andersa!?
Liwnik: It’s hard to say but for sure it’s one of my favorite places in Warsaw – additionally, my gran lived in one of the neighboring buildings on the other side so I’ve got a lot of childhood memories tied up with the area.

Pablo Brickasso: The idea was pretty spontaneous. Towards the end of 2019 Liwnik showed me a WIP (Work In Progress) of this building and I figured it would look good with the Warsaw trams I’ve been creating over the last few years. From there we decided to build a diorama together for display at a local event of the club that we belong to (WAWLUG – Warsaw LEGO User Group).

WI: From start to finish it must have took a fair while to complete?
PB: In all the whole diorama took us around seven months to build.

L: That said, the idea was born a long time back when I first saw pictures of the building being renovated. That’s when I started thinking how to recreate it with LEGO bricks. Then, around two years ago, I started building little sections of it and collecting the various bricks. The actual real construction began last Autumn and was mostly finished by February – later, I started on the interiors.

WI: They’re a great addition – for those unfamiliar with Andersa, what did you want to show?
L: Well, I rarely do interiors but in this instance I wanted to include as many as possible. First there’s Paradox Café, which is a frequent meeting place for members of WAWLUG, then there’s the bike repair shop that has been around for so long that I remember it from childhood. I also wanted to include things that I remember seeing in my grandmother’s apartment. Of the little details, I love the one of kids playing with dishes in the kitchen!

WI: Any other details people should look out for?
PB: I love the charger for electric buses! They’re growing in number around Warsaw and there’s a similar one found on Konwiktorska around the corner. I wanted to add this to the diorama as I thought it was a discreet little touch that said a lot for modern Warsaw’s public transport system.

WI: How does your model differ from the real thing?
L: Due to our limited resources, the building is much smaller than the original.

PB: Also, there’s one crucial difference from real life. We rotated the building so it was parallel to Andersa rather than Anielewicza, a decision we made because the diorama simply looks better this way. But even so, several people at the WAWLUG exhibition recognized it straight away for what it was, so I think that the final result has been pretty distinguishable.

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