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Smyk and Toys “R” Us are unavoidable with an 8-year-old to please, but an interactive monster called Xeno will not be stuffing her stocking! I still believe a thoughtful gift is sourced locally and that the last minute dash and panic buying session is all part of that Christmas spirit. Therefore, I have found a great alternative gift for family or friends. With quirky, educational and affordable gifts at the gift shops, an annual pass to any of the following places will guarantee more than just a few days of fun.

Copernicus Science Museum ( Annual pass: 2-19 yrs zł. 96 For all ages, this is the best toy shop in town! From globes to glow in the dark stickers, puzzles to real chemical experiments, gem stones to books about the planets, etc. Everything you learn about in the Centre you can interact with and buy smaller versions of in the gift shop. And, with an annual pass, you walk right past the queue every time! 

Warsaw Zoo ( Annual pass: 3-16 yrs zł. 100 Warsaw Zoo is in my top five city tips. Firstly it is a park, then you see animals and, lastly, there’s a gift shop. The zoo is open throughout the year round and beautiful in all seasons. Feeding times are available online so you can plan your trip according to your favorite animal of the moment. Pop in for 30mins or stay the day: this annual ticket is to be treasured.

Naradowe Museum ( Annual pass: over 7 years plus zł. 60-80 If your child is a budding artist or archeologist then this is the ticket. Art from medieval times right the way up to the 20th century is housed in the recently restored museum. The new gift shop is loaded with interesting books, notebooks, magnets, t-shirts, posters and bags all reproducing the masterpieces on display in the exhibitions! It might not be up there with London, or Paris, but neither is the ticket price. (GBB)

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