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One of Warsaw’s newer craft bars lifts the standard of an already competitive sector… Just to think, when Norblin and Browary opened last year... Going Out: Uwaga Piwo
Going Out: Uwaga Piwo Going Out: Uwaga Piwo

One of Warsaw’s newer craft bars lifts the standard of an already competitive sector…

Just to think, when Norblin and Browary opened last year within months of each other, there were those that asked if Warsaw was big enough for the pair to thrive – but thrive they have. But if the signs were positive before, it was this summer that saw them both truly raise their game to show the depth of their potential.

Doing the impossible, that each managed to draw custom away from the riverfront spoke volumes alone. For that, credit must go to the intelligent selection of evening options, and of these it is Uwaga that has emerged as possibly our favorite.

Set at the front of this revamped factory complex, find Uwaga planted behind pristine, virginal white walls of what could easily be mistaken for a London-style mews house.

Illuminated by a string of overhead lights, and not short of potted plants, the outside terrace has proved one of the hits of the summer, and has benefited itself from its proximity to its neighbors. With Norblin’s fantastic Piano Bar just steps away, the pair bounce off each other well – and that’s especially true whenever there’s an outdoor concert.

But whilst its natural to gravitate towards this al fresco strip, Uwaga’s design has got us counting the days till crueler seasons hit. Entered under a funky, photogenic neon, guests cross a flagstone floor before entering the bar area – windowless it might be, but it immediately engages through the warmth of its vibe.

Warsaw has over 40 designated craft beer pubs, but let’s be brutal, most are severely limited in their overall design (with the majority owned by bearded guys who look like they sleep under Superman duvets, that’s hardly a surprise). Then you have Uwaga.

Straight away, it’s a place that draws the eye with an interior that makes use of carpenter-style workbenches and plush, comfortable seats in eclectic clashing colors – windowless it might be, but it feels warm and sociable, something amplified by the modest use of raw brick and steel lights.

Decorated with bits of machinery, and featuring a more uniform color palette, a side room offers more privacy. Mostly, though, Uwaga succeeds because it feels like a standalone pub. When inside, never do you feel that you are in one of Warsaw’s major hubs – instead, it feels personal.

As for the drinks, there’s little we can say other than that they hit the spot. As devoted followers of Poland’s craft revolution, this place does a pretty grand job of representing the cutting edge breweries that have transformed the country – and cost-wise, the price tags aren’t bad at all.

Ranging from around PLN 15 to PLN 22 per pint, it’s all surprisingly reasonable given the upmarket nature of Norblin – if Uwaga means attention, then this place has got it… and for all the right reasons.

Uwaga Piwo

Żelazna 51/53 (Norblin Factory), Facebook

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