Hiss Off: Snake Alert Hiss Off: Snake Alert

Police have warned the public about an escaped snake thought to measure up to six-meters long. The news first broke last week after the skin of an Indian Python was discovered in the south west of Warsaw close to the Wisła River. Originally, skeptics had declared the whole charade an elaborate hoax, however, in the days since evidence has mounted to suggest that the capital is genuinely under threat from a giant serpent.

“Having spoken to an ophiologist,” stated Jarosław Sawicki, “we can confirm we are dealing with a snake on our territory.” Further, the police officer added that its estimated weight was somewhere in the region of 50 kilograms. Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, Sawicki said he couldn’t rule out if the snake posed a danger to residents of Warsaw.

With the story gaining global publicity, rumors have swirled thick and fast as to where the snake could have come from. Earlier in the week one eye witness – a hand glider, no less – came forward claiming to have spotted a man dumping the beast from the boot of his car. With emergency services no closer to solving the mystery, a celebrated private detective has now entered the fray. A popular fixture on TV shows, Krzysztof Rutkowski has announced he’s joined the hunt, adding his suspicion that the python is making its way northwards and possibly heading towards Żoliborz.

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