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Drone Wars: Jasiek Zoll Drone Wars: Jasiek Zoll

Jasiek Zoll


What’s the magic of drones?

Magic happens when you reach the stars, and with a drone the stars become closer!

What are the mistakes you see beginners make?

Drones can do a lot, but many people overestimate them and don’t practice enough – that means at critical moments they panic and make a mistake. You need to practice, practice, practice.

What should novices keep in mind?

People assume drones can fly anywhere and at any time but there’s a lot of considerations that need to be made: you need to think of appropriate zones, permits, wind, temperatures, etc.

Any catastrophes?

I’ve crashed three drones and broken so many wings I can’t even count the number I’ve damaged.

How much planning do you do?

Seeing something interesting from a normal perspective is enough to get my brain working and asking how it would look from above. You can wait hours for the weather to clear or an object to turn up, but otherwise a shoot can go like clockwork and it’s job done.

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