Finishing this weekend, at the Zachęta art under Communism comes under the microscope…

Last Chance! PRL Art @ Zachęta Last Chance! PRL Art @ Zachęta

Admired by newcomers to the city, but often overlooked by the locals, the remnants of the Socialist Realist era are still prevalent in Warsaw.

The art, however, is less so. Looking to shed new light on the cold reality of the 1950s, this exhibition – which ends on October 10th – takes an in-depth look at the works produced in those post-war years.

Often, one can perceive the art of this time at face value: workers tending to machines or proudly beavering in the countryside can simply be viewed as depictions of the common pursuit of a bold, new future.

But whilst this may have been the fundamental motif, this exhibition looks beyond the idyllic landscapes and exciting technological developments to painstakingly observe what it meant to be an artist in this time – a chapter during which all artistic merit tends to be discredited and pigeonholed as propaganda.

Giving these artists a long overdue individual voice, the Zachęta personalizes their work to bring their talents to the fore.

(Photos: Kevin Demaria)

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