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Known to insiders as the ‘Polish Net-a-porter’, celebrated its one-year anniversary in spring, with its English-language version just a few months shy of that milestone. The quality of the English here is top-rate and the visual-based set-up makes shopping just as fun as rifling through the racks of a hot boutique. Best of all, as a rule, the designers on the site are all home-grown. Some of them, like Plich, Paulina Plizga or Maldoror have made their mark abroad, but they dote on their market at home, hoping to give local fashionistas an alternative to banal Zara basics or the sky-high prices of Gucci or Saint Laurent.

With this many choices, it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed, but the site has several navigation options, where shoppers can browse by designer, seasonal trends or prices. There are hundreds of pieces available, from up-to-the-minute Oscar-worthy gowns, shimmering cocktail dresses, chic tea dresses, romantic peasant skirts, royal jacquards, nude chiffon shifts and casual loungewear. Not to mention Kupisz’s iconic distressed leather jackets: absolutely sinful. Other favorites include the ladylike skirts and dresses by Est by eS., Justyna Chrabelska’s modernist chic in pure silk, Natasha Pavluchenko’s vampy gowns and Zuo Corp’s space age extravaganza.


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