Nightlife: Pimm’s O’Clock! Nightlife: Pimm’s O’Clock!

Few things in life feel as quintessentially English as a pitcher of Pimm’s: bringing to mind tittering toffs at Wimbledon and Ascot, the ultimate summer quencher has been dividing the British classes for nearly 200 years. Invented by James Pimm, the owner of a London oyster bar, and made to a secret gin-based recipe (“known to only six people in the world,” blabs the PR), it’s been wooing hooray Henrys since 1823.

Sure, take it on its own and it’s every bit as enticing as a sweet, sickly syrup; the magic happens in the mix: lemonade, ice, orange, mint, cucumber, strawberries – and pour. Voila, you have the taste of the British summer presented in a glass. Simple as it sounds, it’s a beautiful elixir that hasn’t traveled well – not to Poland, at least, a country that seems to view it with a disapproving eye. Fortunately, word is spreading, and a growing clutch of bars are learning how it’s done…

Bar & Books (Wąski Dunaj 20)
Central Bar (Hala Koszyki)
Stixx (Pl. Europejski 4A)
The Alchemist (Pl. Piłsudskiego 3)

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