Pollywood Blockbuster Pollywood Blockbuster

It’s one of those streets, Karowa: as the sun dims an eerie calm settles, the only noise coming from the occasional car bouncing over the cobbles. But then you see it: is that really a video store? It sure looks it, with all these VHS titles that remind you of youth: Twins, Top Gun, Point Break… But all is not what it seems, for at the press of a button the shelves rollback to reveal a hidden door through which a new world awaits. Labyrinthine in layout, and with heavy retro accents, Karowa 31 unravels to reveal a series of chambers concealed in the shadows. All cloak-and-dagger, the feeling of being in a secret world is a thrill in itself. And appropriately, the drinks suit the setting: fixed by Bram, former manager of the London Cocktail Club, they’re a lesson in skill and precision and the good things in life…

Karowa 31
ul. Karowa 31, karowa31.pl

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