The éclair revolution slams into Warsaw!

Review: Am’or Eklery i Wino Review: Am’or Eklery i Wino

Better late than never! Five years after the trend first broke out in the world’s major culinary hubs, eclairs with flair have finally hit Poland – and no-one is doing them better than this gorgeous-looking locale snuck away on Krucza.

The Place
A few weeks ago you probably chortled when city authorities announced a long-term plan to remodel Krucza street in the manner of Barcelona’s La Rambla. But as amusing and unlikely as this might sound, that doesn’t detract from the feeling that something special is happening on Krucza.

Once perceived as cold and inhumane, today the street is rapidly assuming its own identity thanks to an influx of super-cool enterprises – places like Am’or.

Looking dashing in its shades of pastel pink and gold trim, it looks pleasingly perfect with its pristine parquet and heart-shaped seats. Scattered with flowers (pink of course) and marble-topped tables, it’s classy, fun, feminine and smart.

The Eclairs
Laid out with military precision, these are eye-catching gems that look almost too good to consume. You want to covet them from each possible angle, recording the results on your phone before sending the pics out to all of your contacts. Featuring embellishments such as a swirly rainbow-colored unicorn mane, these are elegant creations filled with cream that’s so light you suspect it might float away.

Making use of seasonal fruits, posh chocolates and gourmet cheese, you’ll even find some with utterly wacky additions: pastrami beef, for instance, or yet others themed around the concept of ‘apple pie’ or ‘gravlax salmon’. Deliciously daring, these are eclairs that set a new domestic benchmark – in fact, it wouldn’t be out of place to compare them to the quality you’d find out in Paris.

And The Rest…
The eclairs here are enough to make you feel euphoric, but as the name suggests, there’s a drinks scene as well – sparkly wines by the bottle or the glass, fancy cocktails and – get this – pink lattes are all an added incentive to check this place out.

Am’or Eklery i Wino
Kurcza 23/31, facebook

(Photos: Kevin Demaria)

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