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Eating Out: hub.praga
Praga’s renaissance rises another notch with the debut of an upmarket gem…   Signs of Praga’s ongoing gentrification are numerous, and although it’s the mixed use Koneser project that tends to hog the headlines, advances are being made in the streets all around. Sitting practically opposite the gloriously revived... Read more
Eating Out: Polly Pizza
Warsaw has a gazillion places that now vie for the title of the city’s best pizza, and you can be sure to now add Polly to that growing list of names… Fact: every neighborhood deserves a good pizza joint. Acting as a focal point for informal meet-ups, they’re also... Read more
Eating Out: Syrena Irena
Despite being such a staple of the Polish diet – not to mention one of the country’s most famous culinary exports – dumpling restaurants have traditionally been low-impact affairs aimed more at oldies and traditionalists rather than any other demographic (e.g. people below fifty). True, in many ways that... Read more
Eating Out: Muzealna
Not to be mistaken for a fuddy-duddy museum experience, Muzealna captures the essence of modern Polish food and design… Location, Location, Location Dating from the inter-war years, the modernist edifice housing the National Museum in Warsaw strikes nothing if not a powerful pose – passing it outside, it’s impossible... Read more
Coffee Culture: Po Drodze
Offering up the perfect blend of design, coffee and atmospher, Po Drodze epitomizes everything you want from your neighborhood cafe… Opened a couple of weeks before the first lockdown (oops!), Po Drodze’s management would have been forgiven for seeking out the nearest clifftop and driving right off it. Instead,... Read more
Cybermachina: the future of bars!
Players Ready: but are you? Discover the games pub taking Warsaw by storm! Where Is It? The Nowy Świat addy is a deception. Find Cybermachina not on the main high street but rather behind it on ul. Gałczyńskiego. Set in a labyrinthine basement unit just past the very decent... Read more
Review: Frank
Established as one of country’s most recognizable chefs, Aleksander Baron has returned to action… and it’s not Polish food he’s cooking, but German! Baron: A Reintroduction From kitchen rebel to national treasure, the last ten years or so have seen Aleksander Baron grow to become one of the dominant... Read more
Eating Out: Veganda
Backdrop Looking at it from above, it’s easy to divide Zbawiciela into six segments: you’ve got the slice that houses the church; the vibey bit with Plan B and Charlotte; the office block; the café curve; and the bit no-one hangs around on. Finally, there’s the portion with Veganda.... Read more
An Indian Legend: Karma
A case of instant karma? Certainly, you don’t wait long for good things to happen in Karma… Coordinates Third time lucky? The last few years have seen Karma serve-up in the city center, out in Mokotów before finally settling up north next door to Muranów. With an entrance half-hidden... Read more
Dessert Of The Month: Domo Bake
Hidden under Poniatowski Bridge, Domo Bake redefines the artisanal dessert landscape… Nicknamed ‘the Sugar Queen’, Dominika Małysiak has earned every jewel in her baking crown through perseverance, creativity and dedication. Entirely self-taught, she’s become one of the brightest beacons of Poland’s baking community…  The Proof Is In The Pudding... Read more

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