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Bread of Heaven: Będzie Dobrze Piekarnia
Warsaw baking heads in a fresh direction… Background Warsaw has enjoyed a baking renaissance these last few years, and Będzie Dobrze is a prime example of the good things that have resulted as a part of this. Tucked beside the monstrous Europlex building, their name refers to the optimistic... Read more
Review: Źródło
Retro yet refined, Źródło promise an experience to remember… Coordinates Speaking frankly, this is just about the last location we’d imagine working – but what do we know? Amassing over 3,000 fans since opening (well over average by Warsaw restaurant standards), Źródło have acquired a devoted following despite unfavorable... Read more
Food Hall Browary: Insider Highlights
Should you believe what the real estate analysts are saying, then no other city in Europe other than London can boast a higher headcount of food halls than our own little capital right here in Poland. With competition so cutthroat, it’s therefore imperative to stand out, something that Browary... Read more
Review: Dobre Materia
Muranow’s new local hero! Sweet Beginnings  When Dobra Materia opened last May, they marked their launch by handing out slices of cake baked to look like the building in which they’re set. As a gesture, it said much for their enthusiasm for Muranów and their will to connect to... Read more
Review: Lane’s Gin Bar
Cocktail culture takes a new twist at Lane’s Gin Bar… Coordinates Celebrating its 120th birthday late last year, the Bristol has long distinguished itself as the grand dame of Polish hotels. Hosting a never-ending roll-call of A-list stars and celebs, it remains as relevant now as when it first... Read more
Fazir: Poland’s No. 1 Kebab!
Where Am I? Just outside of Warsaw, find Fazir sitting diagonally across the road from Michalin train station. Coming by car, journey time in favorable traffic should clock in at around 30-minutes from the city center. How Does It Look? From the outside, it appears much like any other... Read more
Review: Sacred Mill Brew Bar
Revealing Wola’s sacred secret… Slick and polished, there’s maybe little at face value to set Sacred Mill aside from the other high-gloss coffee stops found in Warsaw’s business district. Through a heavy glass door visitors enter a space that’s minimal in size and design – lots of dark, hard... Read more
Review: BBQ Ramen-ya
Positioned above Wierzbno metro station, and looking like something straight out of Kung Fu Panda, this curious wooden shack serves just about the most complex and flavorsome ramen the Insider has had to date. Offering up a spicy vege tantanmen loaded with fermented goodness, it’s an unforgettable potion of... Read more
Review: Browar Warszawski
Coordinates Unless you’ve spent the last few months trapped inside a cave, there’s little doubt that you’ve heard about Browary Warszawskie – revamped as a swanky mixed-use development, the historic Haberbusch and Schiele brewery has received the mother of all facelifts to become an energetic micro-district swarming with eateries,... Read more
Review: Peaches Gastro Girls
Primer Cooped up under lockdown, flat mates Monika Mazurek and Klaudia Górak longed to get away. But unlike most of us who didn’t move from the sofa, they got proactive and brought the world to their kitchen. Scouring the web for exotic recipes from far-flung places the pair began... Read more

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