Review: MariCruz_mission burrito
Mission: Accomplished! Born in San Francisco half-a-century back, the “Mission burrito” has touched down in Warsaw… Where Am I? You’ll find more elbow room on a submarine, but the tight dimensions of MariCruz simply add to the atmosphere. Exuding the rackety, rickety feeling of a food shack, it’s an... Read more
Review: Zkurczybyk
On A Wing & A Prayer As if delivered from the heavens, the wingmen of Warsaw have a new house of worship… Described by The Guardian as “God’s greatest gift to the planet”, the Buffalo wing (so named after the city, not the horned beast), has finally flapped its... Read more
Valentine’s: Drinks For Two
With dinner done comes the next Valentine’s quandary – where to head for post-prandial drinks? 12 on 14 ul. Noakowskiego 16 For a country with such a noble jazz tradition the paucity of dedicated clubs in the capital feels like an aberration. Doing a sterling job of filling that... Read more
Review: Muus

Review: Muus

Reviews 1 February 2020 0

Warsaw’s taste for luxury desserts has not waned, but Muus steps into new territory by offering something that feels modern yet also strangely homely. Inside a pretty pink interior adorned with gold trim and big, bold succulents, this bijou space could have been designed with Instagram in mind –... Read more
Review: Bułkę przez Bibułkę
City Slicker Already present in four locations across Warsaw, the team at Bułkę przez Bibułkę have kicked off the new year by revealing their most ambitious project to date… Good Looking? Like their other ventures, there’s an enduring feeling of warmth and that’s despite the outsized dimensions: set in... Read more
Review: Asfalt
For The Record The combination of vinyl and coffee ain’t nothing new, but at Asfalt you feel that the very heart of the concept has been completely remastered. Helping that is a choice of tunes that’s nothing if not alternative: reggae, dub, hip hop, funk, soul and a little... Read more
Review: Epoka
The Dawn Of A New Epoch Seizing its inspirations from the past, Epoka boldly takes fine dining in fresh, new directions… Four or five years ago it was all about fine dining: it was in these restaurants that the exciting stuff was happening. Shelling out a grand for dinner?... Read more
Review: Koneser Grill
Where Am I? The heart of Praga, which, in today’s terms, means the historic Koneser vodka factory. One of the most striking urban renewal projects in recent memory has seen a 19th century industrial complex handed new life with a swank program of redevelopment that’s seen it revived as... Read more
Review: Fest

Review: Fest

FeaturesReviews 3 December 2019 0

There are those that claim Fest’s best months are in summer, and sure, their argument is convincing: hidden down twisting roads flanked by glinting waters and thick, tangled woodland, it’s an unexpected picture of pastoral bliss – every bit as satisfying as arriving to a rural refuge. But make... Read more
Review: Challenge ’32
First Impressions Seen as a shining glass block the color of midnight, the Renaissance Hotel has reinvented the airport stay through its experience-led philosophy and design-forward style. Expecting a cookie cutter feel? Then think again. Decked out to tune into Warsaw’s tradition of modernism and graphic design, the lobby... Read more