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The Muranów Street Food Revolution!
Forming an inverted L-shape, the area around Nowolipki and Jana Pawła has become something of a mecca of authentic street food tastes… Achi Achi Jana Pawła 41A This lively little joint gives Japanese food a new spin with its presentation of on-the-run fried foods served in various combinations. Topped... Read more
Boca Boca: A Vegan Restaurant in Warsaw
Does Warsaw even need another vegan restaurant? You might think it doesn’t, but then again, you might have to ask yourself how many vegan restaurants are quite like Boca Boca… The Vegan Look in Warsaw A colorful geometric mural with a giant “Guilty Pleasure” neon is the focal point... Read more
Warsaw’s Burger Bar from Boston
Take a bite of Boston at the Święci z Bostonu Burger Bar in Warsaw. This small restaurant in the backwaters of the city’s Ochota district issues a big call beyond its neighborhood boundaries…   At Święci z Bostonu Burger Bar there’s no shortage of pictures of the late rebel... Read more
Eating Out: hub.praga
Praga’s renaissance rises another notch with the debut of an upmarket gem…   Signs of Praga’s ongoing gentrification are numerous, and although it’s the mixed use Koneser project that tends to hog the headlines, advances are being made in the streets all around. Sitting practically opposite the gloriously revived... Read more
Eating Out: Polly Pizza
Warsaw has a gazillion places that now vie for the title of the city’s best pizza, and you can be sure to now add Polly to that growing list of names… Fact: every neighborhood deserves a good pizza joint. Acting as a focal point for informal meet-ups, they’re also... Read more
Cinco De Mayo: Warsaw’s Top Mexicans!
As Cinco De Mayo lands, join us for a look at our favorite Mexican haunts in Warsaw… Blue Cactus Dobra 42 (Elektrownia) They say legends never die, and proving that is the long-awaited return of this Warsaw institution. Originally launched in the 90s, the Cactus is best remembered for... Read more
Review: Frank
Established as one of country’s most recognizable chefs, Aleksander Baron has returned to action… and it’s not Polish food he’s cooking, but German! Baron: A Reintroduction From kitchen rebel to national treasure, the last ten years or so have seen Aleksander Baron grow to become one of the dominant... Read more
Eating Out: Veganda
Backdrop Looking at it from above, it’s easy to divide Zbawiciela into six segments: you’ve got the slice that houses the church; the vibey bit with Plan B and Charlotte; the office block; the café curve; and the bit no-one hangs around on. Finally, there’s the portion with Veganda.... Read more
National Donut Day!
Just imagine, an entire holiday based on Homer Simpson’s favorite meal – but no, you’re dreaming, in Poland such a thing really exists. Falling TODAY, Tłusty Czwartek is a day on which the humble donut becomes the source of a nation’s fiendish obsession. But what’s it all about? Translated... Read more
An Indian Legend: Karma
A case of instant karma? Certainly, you don’t wait long for good things to happen in Karma… Coordinates Third time lucky? The last few years have seen Karma serve-up in the city center, out in Mokotów before finally settling up north next door to Muranów. With an entrance half-hidden... Read more