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Review: Źródło
Retro yet refined, Źródło promise an experience to remember… Coordinates Speaking frankly, this is just about the last location we’d imagine working – but what do we know? Amassing over 3,000 fans since opening (well over average by Warsaw restaurant standards), Źródło have acquired a devoted following despite unfavorable... Read more
Food Hall Browary: Insider Highlights
Should you believe what the real estate analysts are saying, then no other city in Europe other than London can boast a higher headcount of food halls than our own little capital right here in Poland. With competition so cutthroat, it’s therefore imperative to stand out, something that Browary... Read more
Fazir: Poland’s No. 1 Kebab!
Where Am I? Just outside of Warsaw, find Fazir sitting diagonally across the road from Michalin train station. Coming by car, journey time in favorable traffic should clock in at around 30-minutes from the city center. How Does It Look? From the outside, it appears much like any other... Read more
Review: BBQ Ramen-ya
Positioned above Wierzbno metro station, and looking like something straight out of Kung Fu Panda, this curious wooden shack serves just about the most complex and flavorsome ramen the Insider has had to date. Offering up a spicy vege tantanmen loaded with fermented goodness, it’s an unforgettable potion of... Read more
Review: Patelnia Patera
Look Warm, welcoming woodsy finishes offset against soothing pops of sunset shades make it a place in which you want to settle in and take it slow. Checkered black-and-white floor tiles add a hint of classic bistro styling, whilst the empty pans adorning the walls stare out like blank... Read more
Review: The Eatery

Review: The Eatery

Restaurants 16 November 2021 0

Coordinates We’re well-used to dismissing far-flung restaurants as being in no-man’s land, but in this case The Eatery is so far off-center it practically falls off the radar. Is that a bad thing? Nah, of course it isn’t. We all know that the center tanked during The Great Bat... Read more
Review: Peaches Gastro Girls
Primer Cooped up under lockdown, flat mates Monika Mazurek and Klaudia Górak longed to get away. But unlike most of us who didn’t move from the sofa, they got proactive and brought the world to their kitchen. Scouring the web for exotic recipes from far-flung places the pair began... Read more
Review: Le Braci
Backstory Ask just about anyone in the food industry what the most important thing a restaurant should strive for and you’ll hear the same answer given in parrot-like fashion: consistency. Where that’s concerned The Ferment Group have hit gold ever since they first grabbed Warsaw by the goolies to... Read more
Eclair Hot List: D’eclair Your Love!
Am’or Eklery i Wino Kurcza 23/31, online You want to covet the eclairs from each possible angle, recording the results on your phone before sending the pics out to all of your contacts. Featuring embellishments such as a swirly rainbow-colored unicorn mane, these are elegant creations filled with cream... Read more
The Food Of Brotherly Love!
To refer to Elektrownia Powiśle’s Food Hall as being just simply that would be to play with understatement. Offering a truly international experience inside a neon-lit, post-industrial interior, the choice leaves you staggered. But more than options, visitors are handed authenticity, a point driven home by the presence of... Read more

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