Seasonal Sustenance Seasonal Sustenance

Car journeys on chilly weekends can be a pleasure. So why not take a 30 minute drive across the river, sniff fresh country air and stock up on seasonal fruit and vegetables!

Majlert An impressive, traditional looking farmhouse sets an idyllic scene for this family business. The two farm shops, in close proximity to each other, are brimming with quality produce that keep both family and locals in good health. If you’re lucky you can hop on the tractor for a ride between the two. Children are encouraged to touch, smell and taste everything raw, while produce is clearly handled with true love. Thoughtful explanations and menu suggestions are there for the taking. Parties/workshops can be organized, as well.

The parking lot is full of pumpkins, butter squash and other ugly, wart-ridden monstrosities, all of which taste delicious after heaps of heartwarming spices are added! Apples are in abundance, sweet plums too, even fresh, affordable, strawberries! But 2014’s trending topic in the vegetable world is kale (jarmuż). For a pale Brit, kale is the King of Power Food and here rows of voluptuous curly leaves sprout, high out of the hard ground, waiting for the first freeze to reach their peak. 

Little Chef Do you buy the most obscure of vegetables, with the best intentions, only to see them rot at the back of the fridge? Don’t know your Szara Reneta from your Antonówka? Then Little Chef’s workshops, market tours and super cook classes are the perfect playground for all ages hungry to broaden their palettes and get up, close and personal, with the wonderful world of cooking from scratch. (GBB) 

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