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Culture Shock: Museums & Galleries Reopen!
Yet even those that remain closed have responded to the Covid-19 crisis by upping their digital offer to present a panoply of oral histories, virtual walks, online collections, live discussions and educational classes. Join us to find out what awaits the culturally inclined. Car Museum (Otrębusy) Facebook Home to... Read more
Backs Against The Wall
How has the pandemic effected your operations? KS: Let’s face it, almost the whole world has come to a stop so it’s not looking too colorful. From the ten projects we had planned for April, we executed two. On the plus side, we were always careful to build a... Read more
Apocalypse Now!

Apocalypse Now!

Features 22 April 2020 0

Describe the worlds you paint… Importantly, they’re not fantasy worlds, rather an alternate history fused with diesel-punk. Not solely though, right? Correct. I’m working on a dark world for a graphic novel titled The Cursed Knight. Continue! Think of werewolves and a demonic Teutonic Order. Where did it all... Read more
Word From The Streets
Weeks after going viral having decorated a wall on Tamka with a mural dedicated to Poland’s health workers, Good Looking Studio are back at it again, cheering up Warsaw with messages of hope during the lockdown. Specializing in XXL wall art, the maverick agency have debuted four non-commercial murals... Read more
Not All Heroes Wear Capes!
A striking new mural has been unveiled on Tamka paying tribute to the unrelenting work of health workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Complete with the slogan “Not All Heroes Wear Capes”, the mural, found on Tamka 37, features members of the public together with Superman looking on admiringly at... Read more
Locum Concept Store
“Come to look, touch or even talk,” says their website, revealing much about their commitment to personalized service and attention to detail. Promoting local brands and creatives, art, fashion and design come together as one in Locum, a concept store that packs much into its offer: jewelry, clothing, ceramics,... Read more
Just The Two Of Us: Warsaw For Valentine’s
With Valentine’s Day looming, the Insider presents fourteen ideas for the fourteenth of Feb… Dates On Skates Bypassing the fact the winter never really got going, faint hopes still fester that the snow will arrive. This being the case (and even if it isn’t), there isn’t much that beats... Read more
Polish Design

Polish Design

Shopping 2 January 2020 0

Split into three zones, Polish Design presents alternative wedding fashion, design pieces and artwork inside a people (and animal!) friendly space that seeks to showcase the best in domestic creativity: bags, jewelry, clothing, art and much more besides await inside. Polish Design Pl. Konesera (Centrum Praskie Koneser) Read more
Paloma Na Pańskiej

Paloma Na Pańskiej

Going Out 26 November 2019 0

Set in the same building housing the Museum of Modern Art’s administrative base, Paloma Na Pańskiej feels suitably leftfield and intellectual, a vibe that’s enabled and emboldened by towering shelves heaving with heavyweight art titles, photo albums and coffee table tomes – supplied by the cult Bookoff store, they’re... Read more
Warsaw’s Neon Museum: What A Dazzler!
When the switch was flicked on Warsaw’s first neon in 1926, few could have predicted that the city’s love affair with this groovy form of marketing would endure well into the following century – especially given its near total disappearance by the turn of the millennium. Its resurgence, however,... Read more