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Locals Protest Skra Redevelopment
Local residents in Ochota have expressed their opposition at plans to renovate and restore the Skra sports complex that sits south-west of the city centre. Among other concerns, protestors have railed against the number of trees that will be ripped up as well as the lack of parking places... Read more
The Perfect Chemis-tree: Warsaw & The Palm!
Celebrating its 20th anniversary, join us for a look back at the story behind Warsaw’s iconic palm tree… Asked what public art should ‘achieve’, Joanna Rajkowska is surprisingly dismissive. “Nothing, really,” she replies, “it should just be a part of our everyday lives” It’s perhaps a startling admission given... Read more
Warsaw Eco Playground A World First
Designed by the London-based ecoLogicStudio, the project allows children to play inside a cylindrical AirBubble containing the purest air in the city. Set outside the innovative Copernicus Science Center, the solar-powered structure has been kitted out with soft, squidgy seating and hanging ropes – by jumping on these, children... Read more
Natural Born Winner!
One year after it was completed, and just a week after it was awarded a prize by City Hall, a cultural pavilion on the banks of the river has again scooped top prize for its architecture, this time from Polityka magazine. Found a stone’s throw from the Gdański Bridge,... Read more
The Future: The Village of Warsaw
Created as part of his master’s thesis at the Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław’s University of Technology, Damian Kuna’s project sought to picture an alternative urban development filled with the characteristics of a traditional Polish village. Entered into the bi-yearly Congress of Urban Policy competition, five winners were selected... Read more
Flower Power!

Flower Power!

Insider News 29 April 2021 0

Announced by City Hall on Tuesday, the initiative will see swathes of the city transformed to feature tens of thousands blooming flowers of different size and color. Half-a-million will be planted in parks whilst another 200,000 are set to appear on streets. Of the latter, those benefiting the most... Read more
Smog Choker!

Smog Choker!

Insider News 18 January 2020 0

Warsaw woke up on January 17th to scenes reminiscent of Silent Hill. Blanketed in a thick fug of smog, particulate levels registered three times above the recommended maximum threshold. Remarkably, residents of the capital could count themselves lucky – according to statistics released by AirVisual, an independent air monitoring... Read more
I’m Planet Earth: Save Me!
Warsaw has become the first city in the world to install smart recycling machines that incentivize the public to treat their waste responsibly. Developed by the Kraków-based firm EcoTech System, users can dispatch their aluminum, glass and plastic trash inside the contraptions before receiving points in return via a... Read more
Call Of The Wild
A stork has landed a Polish charity in hot water after a SIM card inside a GPS tracker used to trace its migratory habits was removed and used to make a series of phone calls – in Africa. The tracker had been placed on the bird last year in... Read more
Central Park
The results of a competition to find a new design for the southern side of the Palace of Culture have been revealed, with the winning entry coming courtesy of the Gdynia-based architectural studio Pniewski Architecki. Picked for its originality and functionality, work to implement the project is expected to... Read more