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Shaken Not Stirred

Shaken Not Stirred

Partner news 28 September 2015 0

A bar fit for Bond opens in the Old Town…   Opened to coincide with the 25th anniversary of their first outpost, the Bar & Books empire sees Warsaw added to their locations in Prague and New York. There’s an enchanting quality about the new venture that arouses curiosity:... Read more
Same Krafty

Same Krafty

Going Out 28 August 2015 0

Set across two small, rugged rooms, Same Krafty gets populated by an organic combination of tourists, couples and beer enthusiasts. There’s ten taps from which to choose, and a fridge with several interesting international beers. The Old Town doesn’t have much to shout about when it comes to nightlife,... Read more
The Mexican

The Mexican

Restaurants 30 June 2015 0

Everything Mexican food shouldn’t be. There’s zero zing, and no matter what you order anticipate mysterious gloop with lots of mashed cabbage. It’s all such a shame, because with its burbling fountain and courtyard location The Mexican looks like it could be the real deal. The Mexican ul. Podwale... Read more
Natara Old Town
***CLOSED*** Last year saw Natara considerably outgunned by the competition, but it remains a largely satisfactory Thai choice. Set inside the old town walls, the exterior looks magical, so it’s disappointing to find an interior that’s all dowdy brown and droopy plants. The food though remains consistently decent thanks... Read more


Restaurants 29 June 2015 0

Some parts of Bazyliszek hark to its years as a stately, stuffy restaurant. Now though it’s more earthy, with Jurassic portions of meaty, lardy food best consumed with one-liter beers. The Rynek location and festive atmosphere account for its popularity more than anything that comes from the kitchen. Rynek... Read more
Bristol Wine Bar
Effortlessly evoking a real sense of history, the design is a triumph with lots of polished brass and nickel, rich wood finishes and marble floors. You feel like you’ve stepped into a film. But talking points aren’t limited to the interiors alone. The wine selection was personally overseen by... Read more
Trattoria Rucola
They’ve expanded to cover many locations across town, and in doing so have lost many of their regulars – as far as a chain enterprise goes, the pizza remains pretty good, but you feel a certain spark has been lost as a consequence of their growth. Trattoria Rucola  ul.... Read more
Podwale Piwna Kompania
Set through a courtyard that replicates a Mitteleuropa square, Podwale has a beer hall atmosphere that’s further exaggerated when mountain bands circulate. Food is of average standard and served in portions that are obscene – finishing the wooden platters can be seriously traumatic. Go there for the experience, if... Read more
U  Fukiera

U Fukiera

Restaurants 26 June 2015 0

New arrivals looking to get a grasp of local cuisine have many options in varying price brackets. U Fukiera is definitely in the big spend category, but visitors come away with a common sense of wonderment. That’s largely due to enchanting interiors that have guests exploring twinkling chambers that... Read more


Restaurants 17 June 2015 0

Seven Warsaw locales, with our favorite found in the vaulted passages of Świętojańska. The menu is highly traditional, with courses ‘cooked to grandma’s recipes’. It’s for the pierogi though for which they’re famous; find traveling startups approx. fifty types delivered by servers dressed like saucy country maids. Zapiecek Locations... Read more