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Palace Politics
A controversial plan to rebuild Saski Palace has hit headlines once more after opposing politicians moved to clarify their positions. With President Andrzej Duda confirming the government’s intention to rebuild the palace on the occasion of the centenary of Poland’s independence last year, Stanisław Karczewski, the Marshall of the... Read more
Off The Wall

Off The Wall

Insider News 28 August 2018 0

With politicians and the public still bickering over the future of the Palace of Culture, an independent candidate for the post of Warsaw Mayor has blown everyone out of the water with his personal proposal: to cover the façade with a giant mural. Other policies Paweł Tanajno hopes to... Read more
Saski Palace In The News
Professor Jakub Lewicki, the chief conservator for the Mazovian region, has announced his wish to see Saski Palace rebuilt as part of Poland’s celebrations marking one hundred years of independence. The idea has gathered steam among supporters of the ruling populist PiS party, and an official green light from... Read more
Trump In Wawa!
Despite being widely hailed as a success, Donald Trump’s fleeting visit to Warsaw wasn’t completely without incident: Wednesday evening saw Greenpeace activists project a message onto the Palace of Culture announcing ‘No Trump, Yes Paris’. Their message was a reference to the US President’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate... Read more
Inside Trump’s Tower!
The opening of the Marriott in 1989 wrote a new chapter in Warsaw’s hotel history. Expats and moneyed locals thronged the hotel’s bars and restaurants, while visiting VIPs made full use of the split-level Presidential Suite on the 40th floor: Joan Collins, Chris de Burgh and the King of... Read more
2016: Year In Review (Part 1)
It’s trite to say so, but what a year that was… If you’re the sort of gloom monger that views their glass as half-empty, then you’ll probably be thinking Poland is about to plunge off a precipice. That maybe so, but it’s sure as hell been interesting getting there.... Read more
Hello, Mr. President

Hello, Mr. President

Features 12 November 2016 0

With the American election set for November, we turn back the clock to remember previous Polish excursions by US presidents… BY STUART DOWELL Seven US presidents have made a total of thirteen visits to Poland. During all of those visits, the US head of state spent time in Warsaw... Read more
Czarny Protest

Czarny Protest

Insider News 3 October 2016 0

Across Poland, thousands of people have taken to the streets this afternoon to protest against changes to the law that would see an outright ban on abortion – even in cases of rape, incest or severe foetal abnormality. Dubbed the Czarny Protest, it’s understood that as many as six... Read more