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Neighborhood Prowl: Saska Kępa
With Saska’s annual day winding up for another year, the Insider takes a look at the architectural details that make the area so unqiue. Saska’s interwar architecture borders the magnificent. Katowicka 7A (above) was designed by Bohdan Lachert for his father. Lachert himself lived next door in what is... Read more
Neighborhood Prowl

Neighborhood Prowl

Features 16 September 2013 0

Scenic, snooty and sophisticated, Saska Kępa is all these and more. With the sun in full swing, take time to investigate its secrets and stories. 1. Resembling a red / white wicker basket, the 58,000 capacity National Stadium occupies the former site of the communist era Stadion Dziesięciolecia: a relic... Read more