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The Muranów Street Food Revolution!
Forming an inverted L-shape, the area around Nowolipki and Jana Pawła has become something of a mecca of authentic street food tastes… Achi Achi Jana Pawła 41A This lively little joint gives Japanese food a new spin with its presentation of on-the-run fried foods served in various combinations. Topped... Read more
Warsaw Named 9th In World Vegan Rankings
Warsaw has again been named among the most vegan-friendly cities in the world by HappyCow, the planet’s most comprehensive guide to plant-based restaurants. Issued for the first time since 2019, the latest report by the globally recognized portal places Warsaw in ninth behind London, Berlin, New York, Melbourne, Singapore,... Read more
Review: The Botanist
If the lockdown was something of a death sentence for the restaurant scene, it’s telling that the few places that are opening are serving the cuisine people want: and in this city’s case, then yes, that means vegan. The Botanist, though, is something a little more. Okay, so we’re... Read more
Walls & Peace: Urban Art Of Saska K.
With its leafy streets lined with modernist villas and badly parked jeeps, Saska Kępa isn’t the first name to mind when thinking about raw visceral street art – but that’s just what you’ll find at Tel Aviv’s latest venture. Inspired by the mega hip Florentin district of the Israeli... Read more
Neighborhood Watch: The Best of Saska Kępa
Mięsny  ul. Walecznych 64 This butcher / deli / bistro is arguably the principal reason foodies visit Saska and its popularity hasn’t waned since the lockdown. From the counter, order such goodies as pastrami, roast beef, porchetta, regional hams and locally produced pates, while from the menu, enjoy a... Read more
Edamame Vegan Sushi
Both magical and addictive, Edamame’s vegan sushi has achieved a fame that many of Warsaw’s ‘regular’ sushi joints can only dream of. Address: Wilcza 11 Facebook page: Phone number: 790 633 122 Read more
Edamame Vegan Sushi
Of Warsaw’s fifty plus vegan restaurants few have caught the imagination as much as Edamame: ranked by the international portal HappyCow as the city’s top vegan restaurant, what sounds like an almost ludicrous concept – sushi without its primary ingredient – transpires to be every bit as good as... Read more
Café Iluzjon

Café Iluzjon

Going Out 1 March 2020 0

Set within a socialist realist era building, and attached to a cult independent cinema, the pluses here are numerous: sparing interiors that emphasize the natural heritage of the building, an exciting vegan menu, locally roasted specialty coffee and a range of experimental beers. To see it at its best,... Read more
Vegan Ramen Shop

Vegan Ramen Shop

Restaurants 12 January 2020 0

Prior to opening the management traveled Asia to track down the best ramen joints before heading back to Poland and trying to ‘veganize’ what they saw. Woah. These complex bowls of restorative goodness have been described as ‘world class’ by HappyCow, and this they are. Enjoy your noodles inside... Read more
Edamame Vegan Sushi
Sushi without its star ingredient sounds ridiculous, but this vegan sushi joint manages to out-maneuver its traditional competitors by replacing below-par fish with fresh, vegetarian produce: sugar snap peas, radish, carrots, asparagus, etc. In HappyCow’s rankings, it scores the highest of the lot. Edamame Vegan Sushi ul. Wilcza 11 Read more