Top 5 Teahouses Top 5 Teahouses

Sipping some fine tea is the perfect way to drink in the fall. Here are our top 5 favorites.

Gander’s (ul. Francuska 12) A choice of over 140 teas inside a dimmed network of rooms that have you thinking of a classic Cotswolds tea room. Genteel and refined-looking, Gander’s also hosts gatherings of the English-speaking Book Club.

Herbacarnia (Łazienki Park) Like something straight from a picture book, this tearoom is crowned with greenery and offers warming respite from a chilly autumn walk amongst Łazienki’s prowling peacocks and darting squirrels.

Mówisz Masz (Mokotowska 48) So it doesn’t share the same encyclopedic collection of teas as others we’ve chosen to list, but the atmosphere is such that you’d be a fool to miss it. Upcycled fittings from industrial leftovers and a cool Mokotowska crowd make it both beautiful and brilliant in equal measure.

Same Fusy (Nowomiejska 10) There’s oddments aplenty in Same Fusy, an Old Town cellar filled with steps and wobbles and little, dark nooks. You almost expect to see Frodo warming himself by the fireplace while drinking one of their 150 teas off one of a tree trunk table.

To Lubię (Freta 10) There’s a warmth here that you can almost feel glowing through the windows. Squeaking wooden floorboards, cute little lanterns and shelves loaded with books and jars add oodles of charm.

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