A Christmas Pudding A Christmas Pudding

With the festive season already here, Cukiernia Stary Dom (ul. Puławska 104) invites you to enjoy their traditional Christmas treats…



Kraków Cheesecake Stary Dom’s cheesecake is renowned for its fluffy delicacy, thanks to the use of triple-milled cheese and candied ingredients…


Poppy Seed Cake Head pastry chef Mariusz Pałarczyk is known for his silky smooth poppy cake that’s embellished with hazelnut, honey, spices and orange peel.


Baba Drożdżowa Crisp and fluffy, yet also moist with a long-lasting freshness. The addition of candied dried fruits, orange peel and raisins is essential!


Gingerbread Prepared over a four-week period, Stary Dom’s gingerbread is rich in peppery kick and made with special additions of honey, sugar, cloves and cocoa…


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