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With summer approaching the lure of dining alfresco grows ever stronger. And what can beat the taste and thick, smoky aroma of a BBQ?... A Healthy Barbecue?
A Healthy Barbecue? A Healthy Barbecue?

With summer approaching the lure of dining alfresco grows ever stronger. And what can beat the taste and thick, smoky aroma of a BBQ? However, it’s important to pay attention to the way we barbecue to ensure the food is healthy enough for all – children included! At Befsztyk.pl, we’ve come up with the essential cheat sheet for the perfect BBQ… by BEFSZTYK.PL


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A Good Marinade is the key!

Generally speaking, people mostly barbecue meat products. Barbecuing melts meat fat, therefore it’s perfect for weight-watchers. It also boosts the natural flavors of meat and improves its health qualities. Yet aside from that, fish, vegetables, fruit and cheese are also perfectly suited to barbecuing. But let’s first focus on meat seeing that its preparation requires more time due to marinating and roasting considerations.

Marinating requires the highest quality spices. You can prepare your own mixtures or buy readymade spice blends that do not contain monosodium glutamate (MSG); those are the healthiest, and although MSG (E621) enhances taste, it also leads to obesity and can cause headaches. One should remember that some spice blends contain salt, therefore, don’t go over-the-top when spicing the meat. Spices by Fuchs not only enhance the taste, but are also additive free: find them available in a few online stores that specialize in meat.

When deciding how long to marinate, consider both the origin and texture of the meat. Lamb, pork, beef and venison should be marinated one day earlier to prevent the meat becoming too ‘gamy’. A few hours is usually enough time to marinate chicken and other poultry meat products, and marinated meat should always be kept in the fridge.

For the best BBQ results one needs top quality meat. At Befsztyk.pl we are proud that our online store on supplies customers in Warsaw and beyond with the best meat available. This includes delicious lamb sausages, fresh meat (steaks and hamburgers), marinated pork neck, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, pancetta and ham steaks. Further, try our sensational homemade marinades which are available in three flavors: herbal, spicy Mexican and mild barbecue. All of them, of course, are MSG free.


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Marinated meat does not require too much barbecuing time, hence it’s less affected by the chemical processes that might occur during combustion. It’s important to consider both the quality and origin of the charcoal before barbecuing.

i) Natural or ecological briquettes protect your health. For instance, consider charcoal or ecological coconut briquette (available at Befsztyk.pl). These don’t contain synthetic substances or glues, nor do they require additional kindling or cause excessive smoke.

ii) With a high and constant temperature you can barbecue faster without burning or causing the meat to dry. At the same time, the nutritional value of the food is maintained. You can enhance the meat’s taste and fragrance by mixing the briquette with branches of fresh herbs, such as rosemary and thyme or even fruit trees branches soaked in water.

iii) Avoid fire starters and coals made of pine trees! Coal made of pine trees contains resin that may produce toxic substances during combustion, while fire starters contain volatile chemicals that could penetrate the meat.

iv) Use perforated trays. While barbecuing, fat will not melt straight onto the coals, hence it won’t produce any toxic substances.

v) Don’t forget to dust your equipment. Keep a clean barbie and apply the same rules of hygiene to the rest of your cooking vessels. And don’t even think of storing barbecue meat in the bowl that was used for the marinade: that could easily contain bacteria that lead to health issues.


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To add personality to your BBQ you need a proper side dish. If you want to wow your family and friends, serve your barbecued steaks with fresh vegetables or salad. Vegetables not only neutralize fats and fight free radicals, but also contain vitamins such as B6, B12 and folic acid that are essential for the blood vessels: eating veg and salad should always be part of your barbecue routine. And consider some outdoor activities to keep you in shape after that tasty rib-eye!

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