Review: Challenge ’32
First Impressions Seen as a shining glass block the color of midnight, the Renaissance Hotel has reinvented the airport stay through its experience-led philosophy and design-forward style. Expecting a cookie cutter feel? Then think again. Decked out to tune into Warsaw’s tradition of modernism and graphic design, the lobby... Read more
Review: Mr. Greek Souvlaki
With Warsaw’s ethnic options branching into increasingly diverse directions, there have been times when more familiar cuisines have often felt neglected. Take Greek, for instance, a sector that appears to have floundered and flatlined since its heyday many moons ago. The balance, however, stands to be redressed, and that’s... Read more
Review: Lobo

Review: Lobo

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Accessed via a striking glass-ceilinged courtyard, Lobo presents itself in two parts: the first, a dark, fern-colored dining room with a show-stealing tree installation; and the second, a more spacious area high on natural light and soft, blond wood. It’s an environment in which you’d be equally happy to... Read more
Beer Festival Retrospective
Dubbed the most successful to date, the eleventh edition of the bi-yearly Warsaw Beer Festival cemented its status as Central Europe’s most prestigious beer festival following three days of unhinged beer geek madness. Attracting 16,000 visitors over the course of its duration, the event gathered 51 breweries and saw... Read more
Exhibition: Disco Relaks
A (guilty) pleasure to millions in Poland, disco polo, initially called “sidewalk music” (muzyka chodnikowa), has never been the subject of a museum exhibition before…  at least not till now!                   To the uninitiated, disco polo may perhaps sound like any... Read more
Top 5 Cozy Cafes For Autumn
Cozy up and fall in love with five cafes that have autumn in mind… Cophi ul. Hoża 58/60 The phrase three’s a crowd could have been coined with Cophi in mind. Its super-snug dimensions are ideal for an afternoon spent curled up on an armchair watching the leaves tumble... Read more
Autumn Breaks: Top Five
Fall In Love With Autumn Five escapes with the season in mind… Wine, fireplace, books: check, check and checkity check! Just 45-minutes from the capital, the Bookworm Cabin promises something unique – a woodsy, rural retreat custom-built with avid readers in mind. A pocket-sized off-grid escape, features number an... Read more
Warsaw’s Neon Museum: What A Dazzler!
When the switch was flicked on Warsaw’s first neon in 1926, few could have predicted that the city’s love affair with this groovy form of marketing would endure well into the following century – especially given its near total disappearance by the turn of the millennium. Its resurgence, however,... Read more
Review: Koreanka Grill
You could argue that no other person has influenced the direction of the city’s Asian course more than restaurateur Yeunsu Lee. Already responsible for concepts such as Vietnamka and Koreanka, her latest operation builds on the success of the latter whilst introducing the joys of the Korean grill to... Read more
Exploring Kamionek

Exploring Kamionek

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Wedged between atmospheric old Praga and snooty Saska Kępa, Kamionek is more than the mundane no-man’s land that many seem to think… Take Center Stage Said to be Warsaw’s first post-war theater, Powszechny ( started performing on Al. Zieleniecka on February 10th, 1945, just weeks after the last Germans... Read more