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While Warsaw’s restaurants have bolted their doors to Joe Public, in the best traditions of showbiz the show has gone on! Delivering to your door through a variety of platforms, the number of eateries offering the contactless transfer of goodies has rocketed since the lockdown. Gathering them together under one umbrella, it’s Room Service ( that has become the Insider’s savior choice, an honor largely based upon the sheer diversity of their offer. Playing favorites, from their 100+ choice of restaurants we’ve whittled down the five we’re ordering from in the days ahead.

News that our No. 1 Indian in Warsaw had joined the delivery racket was the morale booster we needed. Offering tastes that go far beyond the dull sameness provided by many of its competitors, Guru nail it with flavors that range from the gentle and fragrant to the nearly suicidal. For those that want it HOT, the phaal is billed as the spiciest curry in the whole of the country – and they’re not kidding.

Kura Buffalo Wings
Who can resist a box of crispy, golden chicken served with double-fried chips? And then there’s the trifling matter of the best dips in town! If you want to stare down the gun barrels of addiction, then order the tart and tangy Challenger No. 2. Embodying all that’s good about street food, this is the kind of tucker that was created with a night in front of Netflix in mind!

Irresistible, immaculate and imaginative, Mizu’s sushi sets a benchmark that Warsaw’s other Japanese joints can only aspire to. If you’re suspicious of eating raw food, then their other options are equally impressive: the ramen can be broth-taking.

Pańska 85
With most local Chinese restaurants looking like relics from the Bruce Lee age, Pańska 85 has always impressed us with its class. But that applies not just to the aesthetics but their food as well. Best described as pouches of perfection, the dim sum are a class apart though the real fanfare is reserved for the giant Peking duck. Skin lacquered and shining, you’ll be enjoying this beast of a bird well into the following day.

Zielony Niedźwiedź
Dim the lights and crack open the candles. Zielony Niedźwiedź have long been at the forefront of the local food revolution, and their commitment to regional produce is impossible to dispute. Offering a modernized spin on Polish classics, this upmarket delivery experience can feel in a league of its own.

NOTE: if you’re living close, all of Room Service’s partner restaurants offer the choice of free personal pick-up – and doing so makes you eligible for a zł. 2 discount for each zł. 20 spent.

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