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Blog 18 October 2013 ilabs 0

Pure Sky Club There’s no real need to introduce Pure Sky, is there? Regarded as Warsaw’s premier business/members club for a solid couple of... London Calling
London Calling London Calling

Pure Sky Club

There’s no real need to introduce Pure Sky, is there? Regarded as Warsaw’s premier business/members club for a solid couple of years, its reputation as the haunt of industry leaders, power brokers and corporate players precedes itself. And yes, by day that’s what you’ll find – a busy looking venue whose corners fill with the sound of whispered phone calls and conspiratorial gatherings. But be that as it may, Pure Sky know better than anyone that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

It’s for this reason a number of nocturnal initiatives have been introduced, and these go well beyond the expected networking meets, wine tastings and other such organized business card swaps. Talk of the town since launching over summer are Pure’s “London Calling” Friday nights – open to non-members, as well. “What we wanted,” explains MD Paul Cowen, “was a London-style option for the Friday after-work crowd.” If the concept sounds simple, the execution isn’t. This is a well-considered operation, with the entertainment brought to you by the organizers of Żurawina’s cult “Live Monday’s.” Yes, expect live music, and yes, expect jaunty themes to add an extra sprinkling of fizz (tonight: British Rock!).

I was there a few weeks ago, namely for Celtic Night (as in Scottish Night, not the hooped football team). Zipped up to floor 22 of the Skylight Tower, guests are ushered into a luxurious environment that’s upmarket but never overwhelming – it’s not splashy, gold-plated oligarch, more discreet and elegant. It’s definitely more London than new money Moscow. But while all this suggests a heavy ex-pat accent, you may be surprised. The audience is more diverse than that, more democratic. All nationalities gather, with the age ranges spanning the late 20s to the 50s. In short, no-one feels left out.

That’s particularly true as the night wears on. By 11 p.m. the place was jumping with a veritable roll-call of familiar faces old and new: anticipate lots of boozy back slaps as you reacquaint yourself with people you haven’t seen for many a month (years, even). And that, to me, is their greatest success – London Calling might still be in its infancy, but it’s already created something rare… a sense of community. Sure, one that’s ultimately more refined than the booze soaked ex-pat bastions of old (e.g. Bar Below: gone; Bradley’s: not gone, but definitely forgotten), but one that’s certainly evidenced by all the mingling and table hopping that continues through the night. It’s as much about the people as it is about the music. Not even the lack of smoking room (for a smoke you’ll need to go back to ground level – bring your James Bond Union Jack parachute) can offset all that. 

(Words: Alex Webber; Photo: courtesy of Pure Sky)

Tip Happy Hour from 6-8 p.m.

Dress Smart casual, though women tend to opt for elegant/sophisticated

Pure Sky Club ul. Złota 59 (Skylight Tower),

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