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For The Weekend: Galaxy Playground
Open until April 29th, the Galaxy Playground does more than simply showcase products from Samsung’s portfolio. Free to visit, it’s already earned much publicity since its February launch, attracting as it has an army of influencers and social media personalities. Why? Because of the endless opportunities it presents to... Read more
Monuments of Warsaw: Chopin
Born on this day in 1810, March 1st marks what would have been Fryderyk Chopin’s 213th birthday – in tribute, join us for a look at the iconic monument dedicated to the composer. First unveiled on November 14th, 1926, the Chopin monument had been years in the planning –... Read more
In Pictures: Legia v Widzew
Resuming their rivalry with Widzew Łódź, Friday night saw a red hot night at Legia Warszawa… (Photos: Alex Webber) Read more
Local Landmarks: Copernicus Statue
Looking pensive and wise, Warsaw’s Nicolas Copernicus monument is certainly up there as one of the city’s best-known landmarks. Honoring the first academic to suggest that the world traveled around the sun, and not vice versa, the statue was eight-years in the making, with the design first coined by... Read more
Donut Day: What, Where When!
We’ve got that Thursday feeling! Falling this year on February 16th, there can be few days in Poland more deeply cherished than Tłusty Czwartek… Rooted in Poland’s devoutly religious psyche, historically-speaking the last Thursday before the Lent holiday was traditionally a day on which worshippers would feast on goodies... Read more
Art Nouveau Pearl Restored
A historic tenement house in the heart of Warsaw has been restored to its prime following a painstaking renovation conducted by the city. Formally known as Kamienica Maksymiliana Harczyka, it was designed by Dawid Lange, a Łódź-born architect who achieved longstanding fame for authoring – among others – the... Read more
90s Icon Under Threat!
A unique product of its time, one of Warsaw’s best surviving examples of 1990s architecture stands to lose it extraordinary color after plans were leaked suggesting that its exterior would be repainted.   Opened in 1992, and authored by architects Wolfgang Triessing and Maciej Nowicki, the Sobieski Hotel has... Read more
Mokotów Mural Honors Inter-War Legend
Unveiled just before Christmas, the latest mural from the canon of Tytus Brzozowski has cast a spotlight on one of Warsaw’s great inter-war characters, Stanisław Wojciechowski. Found on Madalińskiego 6/8, and created using smog-eating, air-purifying paints, the mural was unveiled on the centenary of Wojciechowski assuming the Presidency following... Read more
Hidden History & Classic Concerts
Running throughout August, this month has seen the return of the WarszeMuzik festival, an intimate series of gatherings held inside the courtyards of the city’s historic tenements. Presenting the music of some of Poland’s top composers, the concerts have been scheduled in surviving Ghetto tenements and are free to... Read more
Black Ice Cream in Warsaw?!
Why go for the conventional when you can be unique? We’ve all tried vanilla, chocolate chip and probably even mango sorbet, but have you ever ordered a scoop of ice cream the color of muddy slush? Yikes! One would think the color does not carry much promise, however, the... Read more