Rolling In The Deep (End) Rolling In The Deep (End)

Work on one of the deepest swimming pools in the world is well underway in Mszczonów, a town set 50 kilometers south-west of Warsaw. Scheduled for completion this coming autumn, Deep Spot is set to reach depths of 45 meters, making it the deepest swimming pool in Europe.

Containing 8,000 cubic meters of water – 27 times more than the average 25-meter pool – the facility will feature an innovative filtration system that will give the waters a near crystal clear transparency, as well tunnel, cave and shipwreck simulations. Targeted at both hobbyists and professionals, the management are hopeful that the pool will attract divers from across the world.

This, though, isn’t the only project that’s caused a splash in the area. Planned to open next year, the nearby Suntago Waterworld will become Europe’s largest indoor waterpark with the one billion złoty investment involving a ‘water jungle’ complete with Europe’s longest slide, snow chambers, salt caves, thermal pools and over 700 palm trees imported from Costa Rica, Malaysia and Florida.

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