Suiting The Occasion Suiting The Occasion

Dealing with everyone from politicians down to chaps needing something for a one off occasion, Van Thorn have become the gentleman’s tailor of choice…

Forget what you’ve been told, the customer isn’t always right. That much becomes apparent talking to Maciej Puciata of Van Thorn. “I say to every customer, it’s not just you who needs to like the suit, but also me – a suit has to be good enough for the Van Thorn label before it leaves the shop.” It’s just one example of Maciej’s commitment to creating your perfect suit. “Ok isn’t good enough – if a customer says that a fabric is ok, then I know we need to find another one. It needs to be more than just ok, you can get ok in a high street shop.”

The whole tailoring process is an intensely personal experience. “I need to know the customer, their character and why they need the suit, and they need to know me – it’s all about cooperation.” Step 1 involves choosing from 5 to 6,000 fabrics, from small Italian weavers all the way to the big boys. “If the customer is happy with the fabric,” says Maciej, “then 99% of the time then they’ll be happy with the suit.” With that issue decided, style comes next. “We use visual computer aids to help our clients, and of course I’m here to advise and raise considerations: for instance, does their silhouette suit, what image do they want to portray, etc.”

Measurements are taken not just the old fashioned way (“using my tape and my eyes!”), but also with a 3D body scanner – the only one in Poland utilized for such means. “That guarantees I see all the angles of the back, shoulders, belly and suchlike,” says Maciej. Suits are then ready for delivery within four weeks with any adjustments conducted for free. “Prices begin at zł. 2,600 for made-to-measure, and zł. 4,500 for bespoke, but what you’re getting is genuine quality,” states Maciej. “There are exceptions but most ready-to-wear brands don’t have that, also getting the right fit isn’t just time consuming, it’s pure luck.”

The same sentiments can be applied to Van Thorn’s shirts. With a two week turnaround between measuring and completion (or a three day express service), the style of their custom-made shirts is only limited by the client’s imagination: “in terms of design,” promises Maciej, “anything is possible.” Again, the only rigid rule is the importance attached to customer satisfaction. “At Van Thorn we want to advise you,” says Maciej, “we want you to look good – after all, the best marketing tool is a job well done.”

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