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Home Delivery: Date Night Special!
What did the lockdown teach us? Among a jillion other things, that home delivery doesn’t just mean pizza. Certainly that’s the case when using Roomservice.pl. Offering choices from some of the most distinguished restaurants in Warsaw, we bring you six of the best for an evening to remember… Brasserie... Read more
Delivery Review: Ale Wino
Ale Wino: if you haven’t heard of them then you’ve probably just come out of jail. Should that be the case (naughty you), then an intro is in order. Their story, while not exactly rags to riches, does have that feel-good ring to it: what started out as an... Read more
Ten Of The Best: Lockdown Pizza
Well, it’s got to be the tastiest quarantine we’ve ever had. With Warsaw going pizza mad the last month, we bring you ten to watch in these takeaway times… Ave Pizza ul. Topiel 12 Arguments about Warsaw’s best pizza aren’t complete without someone suggesting Ave. Using a 72-hour process... Read more
A Night With Netflix!
Friday night means movie night! Delivered to your door by Room Service (roomservice.pl), check our perfect partners for an evening in front of the box… Deseo The best pairing since Lennon and McCartney, ice cream and movies go together like peas in a pod. And when thinking of the... Read more
Famous Five: Burgers
Let’s face it, at times like this you’d be forgiven for boosting both your bulk and morale by letting the diet plan slip – and to meet that end, what works better than a towering burger. Delivered to your door by Room Service (roomservice.pl), check out the choices from... Read more
Edamame Vegan Sushi
Of Warsaw’s fifty plus vegan restaurants few have caught the imagination as much as Edamame: ranked by the international portal HappyCow as the city’s top vegan restaurant, what sounds like an almost ludicrous concept – sushi without its primary ingredient – transpires to be every bit as good as... Read more
Coffee To Your Door!
Don’t Worry, Be Frappe! In the face of adversity, a clutch of cafes have stepped up to the plate in their quest to supply the city with coffee. Biała ul. Francuska 2 A pristine dove-colored interwar villa plays home to Biała, a venue whose signature piece is an outdoor... Read more
Delivery Diaries: Insider Top 5
While Warsaw’s restaurants have bolted their doors to Joe Public, in the best traditions of showbiz the show has gone on! Delivering to your door through a variety of platforms, the number of eateries offering the contactless transfer of goodies has rocketed since the lockdown. Gathering them together under... Read more
Room Service

Room Service

Restaurants 1 April 2020 0

Saving lives since 2003, never have the qualities of Room Service shone so brightly as during the current situation. Reportedly the oldest such firm in Poland, their bi-lingual delivery service has earned an unsurpassed reputation as being the most reliable and quality-oriented of the lot. Put simply, with Room... Read more
Local Heroes! Warsaw Restaurant Delivery
Deliver Us From Evil! As the implications of a restaurant shutdown ring around Poland’s F&B sector, those involved in the industry have struck back in a spirited bid to keep the segment afloat – if the public can’t get to the restaurant, then take the restaurant to the public!... Read more