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ĆMA by Mateusz Gessler
Open round-the-clock, Ćma has rescued the city’s night owls from the evil clutches of the center’s grisly kebab dens. Set against an edgy, moth-themed interior designed by guerilla artist Tomasz Górnicki, this on-trend nightspot elevates late night dining to new heights with a menu that involves modernized Polish delicacies... Read more
Review: Bistro Pod Sowami
The Area Disclosure: ask me to think of Old Praga and I think of half-wrecked buildings with foul-smelling corridors leading to dark, squalid courtyards. Sure, I’m no longer paranoid that I’ll get my throat cut at every turn, but that’s hardly an endorsement. But the truth is, change is... Read more
Review: Zielony Niedźwiedź
Ask me to think of Smolna and I think of that hammerhead building at the end of the street: you know, that miserable 70s throwback that hangs over PKP Powiśle like a corpse on a gallows. Yet beyond the commie concrete lies a pathway that zig zags down the... Read more
Notes: Winsky

Notes: Winsky

Blog 10 December 2017 0

The Wisła is all about the summer, right? Wrong. Opened a few weeks back, Winsky represents one of the more exciting launches of the year. A place of deep, luxurious design, the view alone promises much for the warmer months ahead: it’s as if, almost, you can reach out... Read more
Notes: Pod Sowami

Notes: Pod Sowami

Blog 4 December 2017 0

There’s a chance I might never be allowed across the bridge after this confession, but when I think of Old Praga I think of half-wrecked buildings and foul-smelling corridors leading to dank, squalid courtyards. But change is afoot: islands of prosperity are emerging as the area takes stop-start steps... Read more
Notes: Zielony Niedźwiedź
Hampered by the dark memory of communism, for your regular foreigner visitor Polish food often brings to mind visions of grim, grey ooze glooped to a plate. But perceptions are changing thanks to a new generation of restaurants fully committed to showcasing the nation’s abundant resources. The chic Kafe... Read more
Notes: Mała Polana Smaków
When Mała Polana Smaków first opened in 2015 it left our reviewer in a quandary: “where to begin,” he pondered, “with the good bits? The brilliant bits? Or just the best bits?” Two years on and these questions haven’t become any easier to answer. Full of wood, warmth and... Read more
Notes: Bez Gwiazdek

Notes: Bez Gwiazdek

Blog 9 November 2017 0

Hide the white tablecloth! One of the more discernible trends of recent times has seen chefs attempt to replicate fine dining standards but in casual surrounds. Few are more qualified to do so than Robert Trzópek, a man whose résumé includes experience gained in Noma and El Bulli. Seeking... Read more
Review: Bazar Kocha
As rain tips down and leaves lose their luster, thoughts turn to what lies ahead: autumn. Will it be damp and soggy? You bet. But the coming weeks also promise a pallet of exquisite colors and vivid sensations. Meticulously in tune with the shifts in the weather, few places... Read more


Restaurants 5 October 2017 0

From the makers of Bazar Kocha comes a new concept that casts the spotlight on small plates composed of arty looking snacks to peck at. Enjoyed inside swank, retro-tinged interiors, the lively nature of gry hazardowe darmoweTalerzyki is given an added boost by cocktails inspired by the inter-war age.... Read more