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Born From Scratch!
Freshly established as Warsaw’s new Central Business District, Wola’s eastern flank has now also emerged as one of the most enviable postcodes to live in. Katarzyna Kajak of the 19. Dzielnica project reveals the inside story behind Warsaw’s largest new housing development… Location, Location, Location Cliché it might be,... Read more
Modlin Plans Revealed
It’s been announced that over 1.5 billion złoty is expected to be poured into the redevelopment of Twierdza Modlin. The project, which covers an area of 64 hectares, envisions the creation of a ‘smart city’ featuring a congress center, hotels, 120 shops, a casino, 1.5 kilometers of riverside boulevards... Read more
Emilia On The Move
Cited as one of the most outstanding examples of post-modernism in Poland, the future of the Emilia building on Emili Plater looks a little more assured after it was confirmed that the structure will be disassembled and then moved to a new location by the Palace of Culture. The... Read more
City In-Spired. Warsaw new skyscraper.
The most misappropriated term in the real estate dictionary? That’ll be the phrase ‘mixed-use development’: more often than not, that’s industry gibberish for an office block with a scattering of shops on ground level. Plac Europejski, however, is something else entirely. Here’s Warsaw Spire- the city’s new skyscraper. by Alex WEBBER... Read more
Marszałkowska 28

Marszałkowska 28

Features 8 September 2014 0

It’s not just princesses who live in towers – now you can as well. The Insider peers behind the door of one of Warsaw’s most unusual properties… From the outside, Marszałkowska 28 is so typical of the area: an oppressive statement of socialist aesthetics. Built in the 1950s as... Read more
The High Life

The High Life

Features 26 August 2014 0

Helmut Jahn’s Cosmopolitan is the latest tower to add sparkle to the skyline – and what a pretty thing… No longer a stumpy adolescent, Warsaw has grown up – fast. Zipping to the 44th floor of Cosmopolitan, vertigo sets in as we press our noses to the floor-to-ceiling windows.... Read more
The Eye Full Tower

The Eye Full Tower

Features 15 January 2014 0

Lauded as the symbol of new Warsaw, the Złota tower has polarized opinion with its unusual design. The Insider goes through the keyhole to see if it lives up to the hype. BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT Much ink has been spilled as to the merits... Read more