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Trend Spotting

Features 10 December 2017 0

With the year coming to its grand finale, the time is right to take a look at the food and beverage trends that have smacked into Warsaw in 2017… Mushrooms Hail, hail the end of kale! Instead, 2017 saw chefs the world over lurch towards a more mushroomy direction... Read more
The Next Big Thing: Trends
In the international scheme of things you’d struggle to call Warsaw a trend-maker. But a trend-taker? You bet. If someone comes up with a good idea or, for that matter, any idea, you can expect it to be replicated a thousand times over by the time the sun sets.... Read more
Restaurants: Warsaw In Brief
The Top Table That they own the only Michelin stars in Poland says much about both Senses and Atelier Amaro (pictured below): moments of pure theater are matched by cooking of such inspiration it often distorts into fantasy. L’enfant Terrible enjoy a similarly adventurous reputation though a far less... Read more
Polish Fashion Comes Out Of The Closet
After an age of dullness and monotony, the Polish fashion scene has come out in style. Events such as the Fashion Designer Awards have helped young designers break through while raising awareness among Poles about the local fashion scene. The winner Dominika Syczyńska was awarded a fashion internship in... Read more