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Travel: Podgórze

Travel: Podgórze

Features 23 February 2018 0

BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT Podgórze: Kraków’s left rump hasn’t always reveled in the healthiest of reputations. A friend of mine lived there for a while around about the start of the millennium and had a habit of calling it ‘the land of flying knives’. “It’s... Read more
Save The Wreck!

Save The Wreck!

Insider News 21 October 2017 0

Efforts are underway to rescue one of Warsaw’s great surviving war ruins from outright destruction. Substantially damaged towards the end of WWII, the building at Waliców 14 has become one of the city’s quirkier landmarks on account of its crowning feature: a shattered exterior wall adorned with a 1,400... Read more
Controversies of the Rising
Over seventy years on, the rights and wrongs of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising continue to be the source of fierce debate… BY STUART DOWELL They say that if you lock two Poles in a room for 24 hours you will get three opinions, not to mention several political parties,... Read more
Treblinka Remembered
The 74th anniversary of the inmate rebellion at the Treblinka death camp was marked last Wednesday by a somber ceremony organized by the Jewish Historical Institute. Those in attendance included the Israeli ambassador, Anna Azari, Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, and Ada Willenberg, widow of the late Samuel Willenberg,... Read more
Uprising Anniversary
The 73rd anniversary of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising will be commemorated by way of numerous services, exhibitions, lectures and screenings throughout the month. As ever, August 1 is set to be the most important day, with events including a ceremonial changing of the guard at noon in front of... Read more
Inside Look

Inside Look

Features 29 April 2017 0

As impressive as it is from the outside, Warsaw’s University of Technology is proof that real beauty lies within… BY ALEX WEBBER / PHOTOS BY KEVIN DEMARIA Officially rated as Poland’s top seat of higher education (okay, joint top alongside the University of Warsaw) the local University of Technology... Read more
Ghetto Uprising Anniversary
Over 100,000 paper daffodils are set to be distributed today by hundreds of volunteers as part of activities designed to commemorate the anniversary of the 1943 Jewish Ghetto Uprising. Despite constituting a third of the city’s population, Warsaw’s Jews found themselves packed inside an area spanning just 2.5% of... Read more
The Warsaw Reading List
Where once English-language sections of bookstores were dominated by ‘the war’, today an increasingly diverse range of titles do their bit to expose the different faces of the Polish capital. Polish Pills Fanny Vaucher Accompanied by the author’s own witty illustrations, Polish Pills views Warsaw through the eyes of... Read more
Marking The Uprising’s End
Thousands of candles will illuminate the streets of Warsaw tonight in memory of the 72nd anniversary of the end of the Warsaw Uprising. Approximately 7,000 have been laid out by local scouting groups, with streets including Marszałkowska, Senatorska, Mazowiecka, Miodowa, Ujazdowskie, Szucha, Krakowskie Przedmieście and Zamenhofa. Rather than being... Read more
Janusz Korczak’s Warsaw
A story of hope, heroism and, ultimately, tragedy, the Insider follows the trail of esteemed pedagogue Dr. Janusz Korczak. By Stuart DOWELL I first learned the story of Janusz Korczak during a performance by a visiting youth theatre from Plymouth at the Jewish theatre on Plac Grzybowski. I was shocked... Read more