A Night With Netflix! A Night With Netflix!

Friday night means movie night! Delivered to your door by Room Service (roomservice.pl), check our perfect partners for an evening in front of the box…

The best pairing since Lennon and McCartney, ice cream and movies go together like peas in a pod. And when thinking of the former, look no further than Deseo. Aside from upmarket desserts that gleam like polished gems (and also available for order), check an ice cream and sorbet offer involving flavors such as matcha tea, passionfruit and peach prosecco. Insider fave: strawberry & mint.

I Monelli
The first law of film night: order pizza. There’s several to choose on Room Service, but I Monelli nose ahead of the chasing pack for feeling that little more authentic. While many claim to make to their dough using a closely guarded Italian recipe, it’s I Monelli you actually believe.

Bombaj Masala
With the majority of Indians in Warsaw sticking to one base sauce cooked to varying degrees of heat, at Bombaj Masala you’re left with the impression of a restaurant that truly cares. Cooking with an extra level of finesse and attention, the end result if Indian food that rarely drops below ten out of ten – for a fiery kick, the vindaloo is great for a Friday spent with in the company of some tins of lager.

Krafty i Meaty
This Jack-of-all-trades does it all: pizza, burgers, ribs, you name it. Our choice, that’s the hot wings – perfect company as you refamiliarize yourself with The Wire and Mindhunter!

NOTE: if you’re living close, all of Room Service’s partner restaurants offer the choice of free personal pick-up – and doing so makes you eligible for a zł. 2 discount for each zł. 20 spent.

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