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Warsaw has a gazillion places that now vie for the title of the city’s best pizza, and you can be sure to now add... Eating Out: Polly Pizza
Eating Out: Polly Pizza Eating Out: Polly Pizza

Warsaw has a gazillion places that now vie for the title of the city’s best pizza, and you can be sure to now add Polly to that growing list of names…

Fact: every neighborhood deserves a good pizza joint. Acting as a focal point for informal meet-ups, they’re also a get-out-of-jail card when it comes to last minute dinner solutions when the kitchen is bare. But the best ones, they’re the ones that go a further yard.

The really lucky neighborhoods, they’re the ones that have a pizzeria run by passionate owners that have invested their soul into making things work – and in this regard, the denizens of Mokotów have scored big time.

What’s Polly?

Fitted out with mid-20th century furniture that’s been tweaked to act as counters and storage space, Polly tricks herself out with such whimsical touches as disco balls salvaged from Poland’s PRL period. Entering, it’s not dissimilar to entering someone’s apartment – someone with an eye for detail and a hankering for vintage.

Should you first avoid catching your head on one of the hanging plants (good luck on that!), you’ll find your eyes drawn towards the kind of orphan chairs you wish carried a price tag – I mean, how good would they look positioned in your living room?

Of course, there’s more: a 1960s lamp with a polaroid of a happy punter; a painting resembling the Six Million Dollar Man’s girlfriend; and mustard yellow glasses adorning the white-tiled tables.

Sit around them on wide wale corduroy banquettes and admire lights decorated with autumnal-colored ribbons and, get this, a homemade tree jutting out from the corner. Wrapping up the vibe, find a neon that declares ‘Cocktails’ in glowing yellow letter.

And What’s With The Food?

With more and more Neapolitan pizzerias opening around town, pizzaiolos are having to catch Warsaw’s attention with far-out ideas. Polly does that with gusto. The interior aside, headline grabbers include a pizza titled Legalize Marinara (featuring splashes of CBD oil) and another called Ninja Turtles (alright, we’ve seen that elsewhere).

Also notable, we loved the Texas Sun, a pizza with chili honey splattered over it as if by Jackson Pollock – think of it like a sweet kiss after eating a spicy pepper. Moreover, pay attention to the starters: the burrata with hazelnuts is praiseworthy as too the number of veggie options.

Insider tip

With good food comes long lines. Churning out 250 pies on a good day, PP does get crowded. Bearing that in mind, there’s a temptation to order a takeaway and head to Morskie Oko while you wait for your goodies. That’s all good and well, but doing so you miss out on the scintillating thrill of cutting your pie with a glitzy leopard pizza cutter!

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