Golden Train Found? Golden Train Found?

A 70-year-old mystery looks to have been cracked after news broke that a Nazi “ghost train” packed with gold had finally been tracked down in the Sowa Mountains in the South West of Poland. According to local lore, a train laden with priceless art, gold and jewelry was seen departing Wrocław – then Breslau – as the Red Army drew closer, only to disappear in the region of Wałbrzych, close to Książ Castle.

Rumored to golden train have been 150 meters long, and packed with over 300 tons of gold, it’s believed that the train was hidden in the vast network of secret tunnels constructed in the mountains. Up until now the transport has eluded treasure hunters, causing many historians to speculate that the story was in fact just another fantastical myth. But two explorers, one Polish and one German, reportedly discovered the haul in August, though have so far refused to reveal the exact location until guarantees that they can claim 10% of the horde’s value are met.

(Text: AW | Photo: Ed Wight)

For more on Książ and the tunnels see our feature on the region: Silesia Part I and Silesia Part II



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