Pardon My French Pardon My French

You gotta’ love the name of the place. As I was whizzing down Belwederska on one of those last frigid mornings of winter that sweet sign was the only thing to put a smile on my face. Now that it’s spring and the toes are finally getting ready to see the light of day, I thought it wise to check out what’s behind the whimsical exterior of this snazzy nail salon and get freshened up for the season. The location is super convenient, right near Łazienki Park and across from the Hyatt. Perfect for an afternoon walk and a quick visit to Pardon for their luxurious mani-pedia ‘komplet’. Better still, there’s the aptly named Ouch wax salon right next door – pure convenience for the modern lady.

This place is by far the brightest, roomiest nail salon I’ve ever seen. It’s got a kind of Indonesian-Cuban vibe with its lily-white walls, gauze curtains and splashes of tropical print. I absolutely love their flower-sprigged Kartel chairs – the ambiance here immediately makes you feel like you’re on vacation, even if the sands of Tenerife are still weeks away. And if the interior design doesn’t move you, the treatments will. I just handed myself over and sat back as my poor feet were soaked, rubbed, pumiced and buffed. I leaned into the soft cushions with a trashy novel and awaited my feet’s spring awakening. The mani was a swifter job: quick, but efficient. And I was glad to hear about the salon’s new faster-drying polish as I despise waiting for my nails to dry. I was antsy to get back out into the sunshine!

I left feeling fresh, clean and prim with my petal-pink nails – I’m not as adventurous as the gals who opt for vampish talons in blood-red or electric blue. The next step was to plan a shopping excursion to my favorite new shoe shop (My Paris at Mysia 3), because a pair of hot new sandals are the ultimate accessory for the perfect pedi. As for the wax at Ouch, I’m still debating the matter of pain over gain. (AL) 

ul. Belwederska 32
Open Mon-Fri 9:00-20:00; Sat 9:00-17:00.

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