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What is ul. Chmielna if it isn’t a conundrum. Potentially we’re talking about gold nugget real estate and a fine atmospheric street. In reality... Równonoc
Równonoc Równonoc

What is ul. Chmielna if it isn’t a conundrum. Potentially we’re talking about gold nugget real estate and a fine atmospheric street. In reality though, it’s never quite seized its opportunity as one of Warsaw’s key pedestrian thoroughfares. But instead of following in the footsteps of high-living Foksal or hedonistic Mazowiecka, Chmielna feels like a wasted opportunity – an area of bubble tea shops, failing clubs and shops dealing trinkets and lairy underwear. Opening anything else feels a twist and a gamble. 

So well done Równonoc. True, it won’t be to everyone’s taste. Outside, you can’t help but feel they’ve lost out on the terrace stakes: while the likes of Chillout Factory and Flow have nailed the outdoor seating lark, Równonoc settle for five cheap tables squashed on a small piece of pavement. Not that you really want to sit outside. With so many competing places blasting out different music (even the jeffing soap shop gets in on that front), it’s a little jarring. And then the buskers turn up, banging tambourines and yodeling out-of-key. If you’re unlucky, so too will the panhandlers, enquiring (and not always gently) as to the availability of your last cigarette. 

Inside, some might feel they’re walking into a headache. The shapes and colors clash uncomfortably against each other: azure, tangerine and motorway grey. Slowly though, I found myself liking it. Long and narrow and with a mezzanine on top, the place feels young and engaging. The food is good, and so too the beer (in a street still heaving with Carlsberg and Żywiec, it’s a plus to find such diversions as Fortuna and Czarny Kot). The people, too, are friendly. These aren’t Warsaw’s hipsters, just Warsaw’s young.

Do Równonoc know who they are? A café? A bar? Their message is confused. The atmosphere, however, is not. It’s a fun operation full of youth-ish energy. Importantly, it doesn’t take itself seriously as anything other than a happy little haunt. In that respect it works, and it works very well. It’s not going to change the direction of Warsaw nightlife, but it might change the direction of your night. Tutaj podali gry tego typu jako aplikacje i są grami online Y8, które są odtwarzane na urządzeniach i urządzeniach, takich jak laptopy, telefony komórkowe i inne. Wiele z tych gier Y8 można znaleźć na różnych stronach internetowych, a niektóre z nich są bezpłatne. Have a beer, get talking to the crowd and let nature take its course. (AW) 

ul. Chmielna 5
787 982 242
Open Sun-Thu 12:00-3:00; Fri-Sat 12:00-5:00

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