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A River Runs Through It
The Wisła isn’t just an ugly brown thing that splits Warsaw in half: head down it and you’ll find it flanked with secrets both open and hidden. (By Alex Webber | Photos Ed Wight)  “Stop! Stop right now!!” I’m usually quite reserved when sat in the passenger seat, but... Read more
Craft Beers For Summer
With beer and BBQ season in full swing, we take a look at three top tipples ahead of the weekend. Deep Love (Ale Browar & Nogne O) A Polish / Norwegian collaboration that signals a return to form for Ale Browar. Marketed as a Belgian rye IPA, this dark... Read more
Famous Five Ice Cream
When Warsaw gets its summer sweat on, reach for relief with the traditional local cure: ice cream. We bring you five local legends… Budka z Lodami (Francuska 30) This innocuous wooden cabin has become a summer staple for Sunday Saska strollers. Natural ingredients and creative flavor combinations have installed... Read more
Some Like it Squat
In their relentless battle with authority, our man finds the anarchic world of squatters to be a mirror of the very thing they are fighting against… The mood at the squat is dark and potent. The night before had seen its members clash with police as they tried to... Read more
The Beauty & The East
Bloated with tourists it is not. While sightseers stampeded across the streets and squares of Kraków, Lublin in the east stands largely forgotten… (By Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight) A Jaguar would have been fitting, but instead we settle for a Brezhnev era Lada. There are better ways... Read more
Full Steam Ahead!
Synonymous with trains, the Insider discovers the steamy side to Wolsztyn… The steam engine belches steam and coal dust. Big, clunking wheels grate on metal rails as we hurtle towards our top speed of 90 km/hr. Every ten minutes the engineer, Marek, bends forward and holds an ear towards... Read more
You Auto Know

You Auto Know

Features 12 June 2014 0

We’ve seen them, joked about them, and possibly been hit by them. But what’s the story behind the vintage cars of Poland? Even in modern, gleaming Warsaw, you’ll still find the relics of Soviet motoring puttering around, performing improbable maneuvers as they cut in and out of traffic. Yet... Read more
Cruising South Central
It is no more a crumbling wreck – the micro district comprising Wilcza, Poznańska and Hoża has emerged as Warsaw’s most upcoming area. We take a walk through its stories and past… The Glory Years There are many reasons to love this area, but its architecture is key. Would... Read more
The Original Arty-Techt
Looking at a modern building in Warsaw and thinking, “that’s pretty good actually,”? You’re probably looking at the work of Stefan Kuryłowicz… A 1972 graduate from Warsaw University of Technology, Kuryłowicz opened an architectural studio in 1983. Although commie bureaucracy rarely mixed well with creativity, Kuryłowicz and his associates... Read more
A Land Down Under
Not unlike discovering a lost world, the underground passages of the Filtry waterworks station are an eye-opening experience: miss them at your peril… Touring a waterworks isn’t usually my idea of fun. The word alone conjures visions of noise and nasty smells: if you want that, surely you can... Read more