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Fundacja Atelier

Fundacja Atelier

Insider News 1 September 2013 0

Art for me has always been essential for both inspiration and relaxation. Whether I’m photographing it out on the street, deciphering it in museums or standing in front of a blank canvas creating my very own masterpiece art helps me organize my thoughts. When an opportunity arose for my... Read more
Toastmasters International
Warsaw is known to be a dandy town, a place where it’s possible to find activities for every night of the week. But for something a little more alternative, for instance, something that involves having fun as well as a tiny bit of scholastic, personal development, then there is... Read more
Warsaw International Triathlon Club
Winter in Warsaw can be tough. The color and greenery of summer become distant memories, replaced instead by the hovering grey presence of never-ending tower blocks, short days and snow, snow and more snow. But don’t let this bleak picture put you off, there’s a means of escape, and... Read more
Behind Kitchen Doors
Chef Joseph Seeletso has been at the forefront of Warsaw’s culinary rise. Now, you too can learn the tricks of the trade from the master himself. The cult of the chef has long been celebrated out west; in Poland, however, it’s a phenomena that remains in its infancy. That’s... Read more

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